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Written Testimonials

Northpine - Sawmilling. Bruce Larsen, Managing Director

Hall Electricals - Electricians. Phill Hall, Owner

Bullot & Rankine - Accounting. Bruce Rankine, Owner

Eli Soothill - 10-day Solo Retreat Participant

New Shoots - Pre-schools. Murray Pratt, Director

Bulletpoint Marketing - Howie Clare, Managing Director

Ron Ballantyne - Principal, Hurunui College

Bruce Larsen

Karen Silcock 

Hone Wharepapa - Trustee, Te Whanau a Apanui

Quotes & Feedback

"Besides my father, Mikal has been the greatest male influence on my life.He has helped me point me in my right direction and to learn to be at peace with myself."

Phil Hall, Owner, Hall Electricals


“I met Mikal last year at an Entrepreneurs incubator and from the first moment I could tell, he’s a very deep and calm man. There was this great peace around him and since my business life was pretty stressful, I went to him for mentorship. Mikal’s has been my coach for the past 3 months, and what stands out the most is how valuable his knowledge is for business owners. Not only is he teaching me about peace, awareness and meditation, but he is giving advice on how to work with people and how to grow business based on Roger Hamilton excellent profiling system Wealth Dynamics and Spectrum. I find it to be an excellent mix and now my daily work life is far more enjoyable thanks to Mikal!”    

Dainis Graveris, Founder, 1stWebdesigner 


I have been to countless seminars in the last 30 years of selling realestate but yours was by far the best, the most useful
Terry Ryan, LJ Hooker, Papamoa


Mikal’s presentation was thought provoking, stimulating and at one stage, spellbinding.. He was a tour de force; inspiring, perceptive and intuitive. Well worth the investment attending his address

Murray Douglas, CEO, HB Chamber of Commerce


Mikal, through his wonderful insight and ability to crack open the "do not disturb sign", has given me a wonderful gift to see beyond what has always been and into a future I never knew existed. His clarification, communication and feedback as my mentor has truly awakened and inspired my to take steps I didn't think I could.

Denise Hart, Owner, Heart to Heart, Wellington

Mikal Nielsen is a master in delivering a well integrated programme. His secret seems to be in his ability to prepare well, have good content and be able to engage with anyone, irrespective of the situation.
Phil Baldey, Owner,


In my business I’m a technical expert. I’m selling specialist knowledge. However most of the value my client’s receive is through their own people learning and doing things that improve the profitability of the business. In the past I would come to barriers where other people would understand what was needed but could not bring themselves to do it. I would get frustrated at not being able to make progress. Since working with Mikal I’ve understood much better how unconscious most of our behaviour is and that has helped me to get better results both for my clients and in my personal life. It has not been a quick or effortless process, but it has been the most successful personal development I’ve embarked on. I’m much calmer, and more effective. I’ve no doubt I’ve had a great payback on the investment I’ve made with Mikal, I can see the effect in both my business income and in results for clients. The increase in earnings though, is quite a trivial benefit compared to how much better I feel.

Blair Muter, Owner, Lumber Solutions LTD, Matamata


I cannot understate the value of using Mikal to help you achieve all the success you desire.  As a result of using Mikal, I have in a very short time achieved personal and financial goals that have been on my “To Do” list for the past two years. I feel the reasons for achieving these goals were Mikal’s incredible insight, his cutting-edge coaching tools and our regular accountability sessions

During our time together, Mikal has helped me to gain a greater insight into why I act and think the way that I do and how to handle my business and personal relationships more effectively.

Howie Clare, Managing Director, BulletPoint Marketing


Mikal Nielsen came to speak to the Rotorua PIA in August 2010. His presentation was absolutely outstanding, original and practical. Mikal calls himself an “un-motivational speaker” - there is no hype or ra-ra, but there is a lot of fantastic information, which was easily applicable.
His unique style creates a call to action.
Our members absolutely raved about Mikal and I can absolutely recommend him to other PIA’s in the country.
Maree Mortimer, President Rotorua Property Investors Association.


It's been a pleasure reading your newsletters the past five years since I first attended one of your seminars. 

I've gained a great deal of insight into your teachings and from these insights my mindset has given me some great tools to action in my day to day life and I've been privileged to have some great opportunities to grasp along my journey and further grow myself both personally and professionally.

I would just like to say thank you and keep up the good work, I'm only twenty eight years old with a whole life ahead of me and I feel I owe a lot of my achievements to your small but powerful seminar and one on one talk five years in Napier.

Robert Furgusson
Breaking down barriers
“Mikal showed us an arrow with a metal tip and asked for a volunteer to put the tip against the front of their neck, and the other end against a corner of the wall. They were then to lean into it, with the aim of breaking the arrow, as opposed to spearing themselves in the throat!,” recalls Fiona Jones, from McDowell Real Estate in Rotorua.
“After a long pause, with most of the audience staring intently at the floor, I decided to give it a go. Once I got there, with arrow in place, Mikal said to think of some issue I would like to break through. I thought ‘Oh heck! How on earth am I going to do this’? After about half a minute, Mikal asked the audience to breathe – and I realised I wasn’t! I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, then slowly and steadily leaned into the arrow. The arrow slowly bent, then snapped clean in half!
Maybe that’s why my real estate sales are soaring?”
Fiona Jones, McDowell Real Estate