Mikal speaking at the Admirals Breakfast Club in Auckland, New Zealand

Public & Key Note Speaking

Mikal’s presentation was thought provoking, stimulating and at one stage, spellbinding. He was a tour de force, inspiring, perceptive and intuitive. Well worth the investment attending his address.
— Murray Douglas, CEO, Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce

If you are looking for an entertaining & motivational speaker for your business event, I'm not that one!

Why not? Two reasons:

  1. The world is full of those public & key note speakers, no more are needed

  2. It rarely has a sustainable and lasting positive impact - which is the opposite of what my life and business is about

Mikal’s presentation was absolutely outstanding, original and practical. Mikal calls himself an “un-motivational speaker” - there is no hype or ra-ra, but there is a lot of fantastic information, which was easily applicable. His unique style creates a call to action.
Our members absolutely raved about Mikal and I can strongly recommend him as a speaker.
— Maree Mortimer, President, Rotorua Property Investors Association

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that is

  • thought provoking and makes the audience get on the edge of their seats

  • awakens peoples potential

  • creates dialogue & discussion afterwards

  • the audience won't forget

then I'm that speaker.

And, it will be entertaining - but not for the usual reasons.

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