Mikal, through his wonderful insight and ability to crack open the “do not disturb sign”, has given me a wonderful gift to see beyond what has always been and into a future I never knew existed.
— Denise Hart, Business Owner

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“A revolution in thinking and approach to life, business and intimacy is desperately needed.” Mikal Nielsen


I needed that in my life, and through a 30+ year journey of discovery, I have found the key.

No, it’s not a big secret – you actually already know it and have the key yourself.

Using the key to unlock the true magic of life is of course another story.

This is where we need coaches. I have had – and still have – many coaches.

And I have been one myself for over 20 years.

If you want a normal life, I’m definitely the wrong person for you, but if you are after extra-ordinary, I could be the one to help you discover your own key, but more importantly, how to use it to unlock what you are truly here in life to be and do.

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Wishing you a fulfilling life!