Personal  Coaching

You are a very clever man Mikal. You opened my eyes to the world around me and the opportunities that are presented to me. For that I am forever thankful.
— Ian Nelson

My coaching is focussed on depth rather than width.

If you have that feeling that there has got to be more to life than what you are experiencing, you are absolutely right, and I can most likely help you in discovering more of your deepest potential.

All in all, my entire outlook on life has improved; I have a better job, stronger relationship with my partner, children, family and friends. I have dropped extra-curricular activities and have more time to focus on growing my business and enjoying the things I like!
Thank you Mikal!
— Brett Curwood

The results from this may include:

  • Manage your everyday life with more ease and positivity
  • Discover what you are here in life to do and be
  • Learn simple ways to connect deeper with your spiritual essence
  • Realise the magic of being confident and relaxed at the same time
  • And above all, realise that life really isn't that serious and thus become more successful for the right reasons

Individual coaching is an ongoing affair, just like sports and any other skill based coaching.

Wow, at the start of Mikal’s coaching programme, I was a very depressed person who felt like I was chasing my tail around and around and getting nowhere. I was wasting money on purchasing things I didn’t need to make myself happy and was frustrated with life to a point that I wondered if life was worth living. I felt I wanted to be at the top of an empire and then I would feel fulfilled and happy. Boy was I wrong.
Throughout the program I have learned to trust in myself and the type of people I need in my life personally and professionally. I can now understand why I am like I am and now work with it, not fight against it and feel embarrassed. I know how to deal with my emotions and have new life tools to cope with the ups and downs. Although I have very few of these now. Life is Bliss.
— Karen Silcock

As most of us have un-learned how to live deeply and fully by our parents, friends and society, it takes work and practice to get back to that which is natural to us. I will help you on that journey, but please realise I can't do it for you, you are the one who has to do what it takes (just like I can't eat healthy food and exercise for you, you have to do it).


Where & How?

Individual coaching is done face-to-face or on Skype (or a combination). Face-to-face is currently only available in Auckland & Christchurch, New Zealand.

Depending on your situation, sessions are 1-2 hours each, 1-3 times a month.


Where to Start?

Fill in the Application for Coaching Form below and tell me why you believe coaching is right for you.

I have very limited spaces, but guarantee I will reply to your application.

If you get accepted as a potential client, we will have a free Skype meeting to discuss your situation and then decide what the next step is and what the best program is for you.

Please also check out my fixed 3-week Skype program Living on Purpose which is a great introduction to personal coaching.  


What does it cost?

Mikal, through his wonderful insight and ability to crack open the ‘do not disturb sign’, has given me a wonderful gift to see beyond what has always been and into a future I never knew existed. His clarification, communication and feedback as my mentor has truly awakened and inspired me to take steps I didn’t think I could.
— Denise Hart

Personally I don't see life coaching as a cost but as an investment (I have invested close to $100,000 in my own personal growth journey).

Your investment in your life through my coaching program will be anywhere from NZ$150/month to NZ$950/month depending on the program you choose and how fast you want to progress. Payments are made at the beginning of each month and you can terminate the program at any moment in time.

Alternatively, you can do my 3-week Living on Purpose Skype program as a way to get to know me and yourself better. This program is specifically designed to help you get clear on what you life purpose is and is also a great foundation program for ongoing coaching.



Click here to contact me with any questions or concerns you have to personal coaching. Please do not use the form below for general questions.


Application for Personal Coaching

This form is only for people committed to their own growth and an openness to be coached. The purpose of this step is to make sure the client & coach (you & me) are on the same page and able to embark on this journey successfully.

So, if you are ready, go ahead and take the next step, apply here:

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Tell me why you want coaching and what you hope to gain from it
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