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In this short video Mikal talks about the essence of what is covered in his 'Naked Truth about Intimate Relationships' workshops.

The Relationship with yourself sets the Tone for every Relationship you have.

What awareness’ do you have about your life and relationships that are no longer working for you?


Gain insight into:

How to grow and deepen your Intimate Relationship.

How to move on with Ease after a Relationship ends.

How to use Intimacy as a playground for Spiritual Growth.

The Three Stages of Intimacy

Why TRUST is important to the Feminine?

Why FREEDOM is essential to the Masculine?

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Mikal Nielsen, Author, Life & Business Coach has been specialising in relationships for over 30 years. 

The purpose of this Workshop is to enhance your personal, professional and intimate relationships by sharing practical tips and insights that will bring about immediate change.

Mikal’s book ‘The Quick Fix to any Problem’ will be available for purchase for $20. He is the founder of ‘Modern Meditation for the Modern World’ and hosts his own WebTVShow ‘Awareness – The Key to the Driver Seat’.

Investment: $310 per person or $460 for a couple.

For further information, please contact mikal at info@mikal.nz